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Be part of our conversations:  We offer monthly webinars on a wide range of topics to help DV and LGBTQ organizations increase their capacity to serve LGBTQ survivors. Each year, the Institute holds National Q&A for Advocates, an in-person two-day intensive training and technical assistance opportunity for mainstream and LGBTQ specific programs.  The Institute also supports the NCAVP Roundtable, a two-day annual convening of by-and-for LGBTQ anti-violence advocates providing opportunities for training, connection and strategizing.

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Youth Leadership as Violence Prevention Work

11/19/2019 12-1:30 pm Pacific / 3-4:30 pm Eastern
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As the traditional school year starts for many young people, this webinar will focus on tools to support youth leadership for youth outside of that system. While the goal for webinar participants is to build skills to support youth self-determination and leadership broadly, our data and experience pulls largely from experiences with homeless and unstably housed youth. Both in practice and policy, these skills are critical in prevention work with young people and their support networks.

This webinar will 1) unpack the impacts of adultism on youth and how it affects experiences of violence and 2) walk through organizational tools for supporting youth self-determination and organizational input.

Presenter: James Keum & Edric Figueroa, the NW Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse

Evidence is Power

12/03/2019 12-1:30 pm Pacific / 3-4:30 pm Eastern
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Community-based agencies receive growing pressure to implement “evidence-based programs.” That is, programs that have been studied and deemed “effective” by researchers. But what is considered evidence? And how can community-based agencies build their own evidence of what works in their communities? This webinar will examine these questions and explore the many opportunities and challenges that agencies face when conducting research and evaluations in community settings. We will discuss strategies for agencies to maximize the utility and power of the data they collect.

Presenter: Dr. Carrie Lippy, the National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence