Research & Practice

For over a generation, LGBTQ anti-violence organizations have been working in communities across the nation. We’ve tried a lot, we’ve learned a lot, and we have a lot to share about what works. Explore our initial recommendations for improving intervention for and prevention of LGBTQ domestic abuse below.


As we begin Pride Month, NRCDV and the National LGBTQ Institute on IPV celebrate our beautiful and diverse LGBTQ communities. We also call for greater inclusion within the movement to end domestic and sexual violence and for increased access to services for LGBTQ survivors, particularly those most marginalized.


We are excited to announce the release of two new publications to advance our advocacy.

  1. Holding Space, Creating Safety: A Toolkit for Facilitating Conversations about Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence for Bisexual Peer Support Groups
  2. “I didn’t think anyone would believe me”: Help-seeking Strategies, Experiences, and Preferences of LGBTQ Survivors of Domestic Violence

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